Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ugghhh earrrrllyyyy

So I'm up early, hoping to go to my appointment, but my hubby is checking out the roads to see if they are driveable because of all these freezing ice problems... so we'll see how that goes.. but I really really need to go, so I'm hoping he'll drive us :(... than I find out that WIC didnt print out the checks for Jesses formula, yes, we use wic, financial situations are difficult and difficult to explain, but anyways, now no formula for him... so I gotta call and figure out all of this... and hopefully they dont say I'm lying, because they are DEFINATELY not there! I wish honestly I could be sleeping if he wont bring me, so just waiting, because if he says we're not going..... I'm going straight back to bed, and sleeping the day away for a while since I was up all night... I was worried we'd run out of formula for the baby, but now hes going to buy some until I call today and hopefully get it figured out... so I can get some sleepy! or hopefully get to see my psychiatrist!!! Ian was bright and awake and I dont know how the heck he did it.. he was heck to put to bed last night, he messed around until 3 am.... I kept having to put him in there, tell him its bed time... but no "momma we have to read 100 books" ... I'm so proud of him for having such big goals and wanting to work so hard, but you GOTTA sleep! lol dum dum dummmmm..... hurry home husband.. I wanna know whats going on.. I really am very tiredddddddddd.. Ok, be back later!

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