Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ian woke up, and he wants to play a game... problem is, its an adult game... why dont kids understand some things are for kids and some are for adults?? he wants to play battle of the sexes/the battle continues.. but he cant even read lol.. and he surely wouldn't know the questions on there.. .so how am I supposed to play with him, he keeps smacking my arm going , "mommmmmm, mommmmmm" and he wont listen when I say its too hard of a game for a little boy.... I'm gunna have to go out and buy him a game of his own. I asked Jed if he'd bring us, but hes sooo worried about these roads that he wont take us anywhere.. .this is gunna be a long night of "mom mom mom" I offered to read him books, play games with him, and he just sits on the ground crying, "but I want a game" I want a game! Man three year olds... they are just difficult sometimes.... and now baby is on the couch crying.. he just HATES tummy time!! what do I do to get my little man to like tummy time?? I put him on top of me to play tummy time and still he hates it...... and now I hear Riley in his bedroom shuffling around... .let the chaos begin lol.... maybe we can play story time and I can keep them entertained for a while.. or maybe even better we can play CLEAN UP CLEAN UP!!!!! I'm going to head to Ians room and clean that sucker up I think.... Here goes nothing.

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