Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Day

So I woke up early, hoping to go to the psychiatrist.. but stupid freezing rain stopped that.. .so I ended up sleeping in until about 2pm ish.. .and now all my kids are taking naps so woo hoo! a little free time! Anyways, since I didn't get to go to the psychiatrist, he called me today to check in and see how I am doing... I told him I'm very depressed and dont feel like getting out of bed much, and he says he thinks its attributed to my borderline personality disorder and that I should try to get out and do something at least to keep myself from falling further... I think thats a good idea.. now if only the weather agreed... I really am a social person, I like to be out, and be around people.. .I'm gunna have to start going to play groups again, or something, I NEED human interaction... I'm excited because tomorrow is my support group for women with borderline personality disorder (from now on I'm just calling it BPD) I hate having a label lol, but oh well... anyways, I'll get to learn some more coping skills and things to hopefully help me get through these humps...

So I'm thinking, I should probably clean.. but I have no energy to do it!! you ever had a house so messy that its just horrifying to even think of where to start?? thats where I've let it get to :( now I gotta clean up this mess I've let happen.. aaahhhhh. I've been looking all over for Ian's backpack ,and I cant find the dang thing, is this kid like a ninja and have superior hiding skills? do ninjas even have hiding skills?? rofl.... so I think I'm going to go check on my other websites I love, like facebook and BAM and I'll be back to babble on some more in a bit.

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