Monday, January 25, 2010

I am sooooo bored.... just taking a small outta the room break again... Jesse has been doing alright today, they keep saying his lungs sound good... but man does he sound junky... it must all be in his head...sinuses and stuff..
The nurses have all been great so far... its just it gives me a lot of anxiety when I try to hold him... those dumb oxygen monitors start going off saying hes not getting enough and I dont know if its not reading well enough or if its really causing him distress. ... so I've been leaving him in the crib most of the time and standing over him talking/singing to him...
They brought him a mobile in, for his crib, he doesn't use one at home, but maybe it'll keep him calmer when hes "starving" since hes only allowed so much to eat.... so we'll see how that goes... otherwise I've just been watching tv and working on my BPD group homework....
well, I think this will be the last post for the night, goodnight.
Jed, if you check into my blog tonight, I LOVE YOU AND THE BOYS!

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  1. we love you too momma we'll be up as soon as ian gets off the bus