Monday, January 25, 2010

uggghh.. hospital

Things are so tough here at the hospital with Jesse.. because hes so conjested and throws up, they only let me give him two ounces of pedialyte.... and this is HELL... he screams and gets very angry he cant have more...he is on IV fluids so hes not like going to dehydrate or anything.. but hes been one very crabby little man. I'm started to feel all stuffed up in here too... I am excited I got to see my hubby and Ian for a few minutes today though... I love any time I can spend with them.. and miss them horribly... and Riley boo too... he didn't come with because hes at grandmas house.. but I called him and got to hear him say "wow wow wubbzy" and "mwwahh" so it made me happier lol.... I was hoping my friend would come visit me today but the weather looks like its probably not going to happen... so we'll see how it goes... Anyways, better get back to my baby boy.... will be doing random small updates throughout the time here!

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