Thursday, January 21, 2010

I am now blogging while holding my baby... wow I must be talented... lol jk... finally Ian is going to bed after I read him a zillion books and hes using my mp3 player to listen to music to fall asleep... Riley is already sleeping thankfully... and my poor hubby, hes been sick, so hes sleeping too.... and out comes Ian, saying " this is daddies favorite! I gotta go tell him, and hes going to wake him up... oh geeze! no Ian!! Anyways, I'm hoping for some quiet so I can wind down soon and go to sleep myself... I may just sit online a bit longer... or watch some trashy reality tv that I dvr'd.. yes.. I love it!! We'll have to see... I got homework to work on too for that group I go to.. so maybe I'll do that.. so many options... when I really should just be sleeping... and oh crap! I forgot to get to laundry out of the machine.... and its the whole buildings... I hope I'm not the only one who does this, I know I'm not here at least... almost everyone does it.. but I HATE when they do it, and here I am doing the same thing... dang dang dang! Well, I better go get it now!

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