Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today is just a crap day, woke up, had to put Ian on the bus because Jed isnt feeling well.. I've never done it before so it made me horribly anxious and I only had like 10 minutes to get him ready by the time I knew what I was doing.... than now I have a WIC appointment at 9:30 to pick up the checks for Jesse's formula that they forgot to give me... and praying Jed will take me to that, and to another appointment I have at 10:30ish. I also have my support group for my BPD and I REALLY REALLY need to go.. so hoping somehow it will work out, but right now its not looking too good.. Jed's just laying on the couch like hes dead... so we'll see how that goes...

My anxiety is now taking over and I can sit here and type but inside I'm going nuts and I cant breathe... I hate when things are planned out nicely than they all go down the shitter and I have noone to help me at all... so I just sit here and worry and panic for the day.... this is going to be a long long day.. I can tell already.

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