Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I just whipped Ian's rooms butt

I just went nutso and got Ians room completely cleaned! boo yaaaa!!! now I just need to mop the crap outta it, but the only problem is.. .no mop!! ahhh lol.. have to go buy some tomorrow or the next day.. I'm hoping to have my entire home cleaned within the next few days so I can mop the entire floors (we have ALL tile flooring) Anyways, now doing a load of laundry and trying to relax but sir riley is just throwing a tantrum to beat hell... he wants to drink milk from this bottle and he keeps spilling half of it down his shirt, than he gets pissed he spills it down, and than he gets pissed and wants more! Its a never ending circle.. lol... Anyways, I'm completely feeling awesome that I got Ians room cleaned, so yay for me! and now I got a huge box of books I can give away to some family too... yay!

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