Tuesday, February 2, 2010

STUPID POWER PROBLEMS/COMPUTER PROBLEMS.... I havent been able to be on or post because I have had the worst power/ computer problems.... for some reason my power just one day was unable to power up my computer.. so I got my sisters computer now.. and had to reroute everything and put it all through different outlets and really just mess with it until its finally working now.. and I dont even know if it'll stay like this or not.. .we'll see... .but its good to have this outlet back to express myself.... it's been a tough few days going stir crazy without a way to get online...I know that sounds crazy, but I've never been the type to be able to sit and just journal.. so for me, this is my journal...

anyways, getting ready for Ians FOURTH birthday!! Man I feel old, I cant believe hes already gunna be four!! my baby is growing up so fast... so we went and got some birthday presents today and I think hes really gunna love them.. we got him this keychain thing thats like "kid tough" and you can put up to 100 pictures on it, and he loves going through my camera pictures, so it'll be perfect for his tiny and slippery little fingers lol... so he wont break my camera lol.... and than we got him a yo gabba gabba bath set!! hes gunna love it, its got a boat, and two of the charactors from there on it, its soo cute..... than we got him this rockin' KISS shirt.. like the band... its more for us than him, because its super sweet.. he didnt know what it ment, I gave it to him to wear to school tomorrow.. and he said, "kiss? like in kiss mommies??" so I was like yeah, it means kiss your mommy.... I milked that one good. Got lots of kisses from my little man.

Well, I gotta go update all my other sites.. but I'm sure I'll post more later... .

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