Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back to having sleep problems.... I dunno what it is... I just have been feeling down.. and like.. need a way to get myself to go to sleep.... I just sit here and shift through websites over and over and over again... I'm not even really enjoying it, but its something to do to keep me up and going... anyways... see that button on the right of my page... theres this awesome lingerie giveaway giftcard... and its SWEETTTTT they got some really nice stuff in there... and not only that but the person who the blog belongs to, well shes pretty badass herself. So I've been spending time there entering her giveaway.. and I love to read her side note type posts too... so if anyone else wants to follow a nice blog, totally check it out!!! I love how open and honest she is about stuff! Anyways, I HOPE HOPE HOPE I WIN THIS GIFTCARD! THAT'D BE SWEEEEEETTTTT!! I can hope right?? lol.

Well, baby is laying next to me, sleeping like a handsome little prince... I cant believe how big they get, and how fast it goes... I mean it feels like just yesterday I was still pregnant... but thankfully it's not just yesterday, because I HATE being pregnant.. and I mean HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it. Its probably on my top 3 things I hate of all time... the ONLY good part of it is the outcome.. the beautiful baby you get after all those months of agony and horror... at least for me it was.... I wasnt one of those lucky "glowing" happy pregnant people who just make you wanna throw up lol... I was a crabby, bitchy, over-the-top, in pain, stupid gestational diabetic, hate hate hate hate hate pregnancy type of girl... .everything aches when you're pregnant, you feel like you're falling apart... you waddle.. ewww.. who likes to waddle? and than it takes me forever to figure out how to walk right again when I'm done.... and in before cases I'd just learn to get my walking and everything back to normal and poof I'm pregnant again... well HA HA HA! not anymore... thank you nuvaring!! (not that I dont love my boys because they are my absolute world!) but I seriously hate being pregnant... just want you all to know that.. rofl...

Well, now that I've blown randomness out my butt I think I'm going to go lay down on the couch, and hopefully pass out.... hopefully!

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