Friday, February 5, 2010

Insomnia, still... I keep saying I'm gunna call my doctor but than something always comes up where I cant get a call in... I really have to just call tomorrow no matter what, because I'm getting tired of no sleep.... today I went to my group, it was ok... I was pissed off.. I dunno why.. so I really didnt enjoy it like I wanted to.. luckily I'm in a group with some really nice girls so they didnt seem to mind that I was in such a pissy mood. I took out lots of garbage today too.. that was my main feat... the stupid dumpster is sooo full all the time that theres no freaking room to put our garbage in it.. (we live in an apartment, so its shared) but the problem is, its not just us using it... the people on the other side of the fence sneak through and throw their crap in their too so they dont have to pay for getting rid of their trash... its just annoying...

Anyways, Riley's up... hes crabby because of his ear infection... and I better try to get him to bed... maybe just maybe I'll get to sleep tonight before 4-6am.

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