Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Today is just a horrible day.. my house is a mess, everyone is crabby, my kids wont listen.... I just feel like screaming... I dunno what I'm going to make for dinner... nothing is organized.. I just wanna give up and go to bed... I got three kids who are literally attached at the hip with me, I mean of course the baby is going to be needy, thats ok.. .but Riley and Ian wanna be on my lap, or stuck right next to me, on me, in my way, alllllll day long.. so its impossible to clean up.. and its making me super super crabby... I love my children so very entirely, but it'd be nice to be able to accomplish something... ANYTHING! I gotta wait until they are all asleep to do anything, and by than I am TIREDDDDD!! I dont regret having my kids EVER but noone ever told me having three kids was this hard... I see all these families like my mom, came from five girls... and Jeds mom came from a family of five... I dunno how they did it!!! Maybe its just a bad day... I dunno... I just had to rant..

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